Anthologies & Short Works

"The Stringer of Wiltsburg Farm"
                   in Vasterien: A Literary Journal

"Witches For Mars"
                   on The Drabblecast - Listen Here

"Hands Made For Weaving, With Nails Sharp as Claws"
                   in Fireside Quarterly - Listen or Read Here

"Stages of the Witch"
                   in Grimoire - Read Here

"One if By Sea"
                   in Augur Magazine - Subscribe Here

"For Southern Girls when the Zodiac Ain’t Near Enough"
                   in Apex Magazine - Read Here

“The Choking Kind"
                        on PodCastle - Listen Here

"Every Good-by Ain’t Gone"
                   in Strange Horizons - Read Here

"A Cure for Ghosts"
                    in Fireside Fiction - Read Here

                    on PodCastle - Listen Here

"Shine, Blackberry Wine"
                    in Shadows Over Main Street Vol. 2

"Soupie's Lover"
                    in Truancy Magazine - Read Here

"Crickets Sing For Naomi"
                    on PodCastle - Listen Here

"Graverobbing Negress Seeks Employment"
                    in FIYAH Literary Magazine

"Sweetgrass Blood"
                    in Sycorax's Daughters - Cedar Grove Publishing

"A Long Way from the Ritz"
                    in Forever Vacancy - Colors in Darkness

"Basque of the Red Death"
                     in Cinched: Imagination Unbound - Falstaff Media

"Prescription Refill"
                     in In The Questions: Poetry By and About Strong Women - Spider Road Press

                     in The Big Bad II - Kerlak/Dark Oak Publishing

“How It Feels on the Tongue”
                     in Up, Do: Flash Fiction by Women Writers - Spider Road Press

“The Death Bringer”
                     in The Big Bad: An Anthology of Evil  -Kerlak/Dark Oak Publishing